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Camp Hale

Summer camp master plan proposal, New Hampshire, 2016 [ + ]

Founded in 1900 for boys from Boston’s South End, Camp Hale’s mission today, while adding a girls’ program in 2012, remains much the same: to provide an affordable summer camp opportunity to build confidence, community, and love of the natural world. Owned and operated by Boston’s United South End Settlements (USES), the camp is located on historic Squam Lake in Sandwich, New Hampshire.

While rustic simplicity is a major part of the camp’s physical identity, years of deferred maintenance provoked a reassessment of the overall needs and opportunities for the camp. POPA was commissioned to create a schematic master plan addressing critical upkeep and renovation, including code compliance and ADA accessibility, as well reorganization and replacement of facilities.

A key objective in POPA’s proposal is to make much stronger use of the surrounding natural environment – quite ignored by many aspects of the existing facilities – by having all renovation and new construction reoriented toward views, daylighting, cross ventilation, and powered by PVs. Major pieces of new construction studied include a new multipurpose dining hall, relocated so as to maximize campers’ activation of the property and improve vehicular deliveries, as well as new senior staff cabins conceived for better privacy and off-season rental opportunities.

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