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Koenig & Clinton

Art gallery, Brooklyn, 2017 [ + ]

The design for the new Brooklyn home of Koenig & Clinton and Century Pictures, located in a brick industrial building from 1929, draws on the two galleries’ different but complimentary programs. Their desire to balance shared and independent activities is addressed through two forms of circulation: one more public and sociable passing through the main gallery rooms, and the other more private, allowing bypass by way of a corridor that expands at its end into a private viewing room and offices. Together, these two modes replay in a fresh way the “served and servant” planning of an English country house.

The 3,000 square foot project uses a 2×2 foot module in plan and elevation, reducing offcut waste and creating a subtle modular harmony through working with the dimensions of the white cube’s given materials of plywood and Sheetrock. With all new walls 14 feet high, the insertion dramatizes an existing 20 foot high gantry crane, a handy leftover from the building’s previous life as a steel shop, now useful for hanging art. Along the corridor, a marine plywood wall is able to take a hit from a constant stream of shipping crates and faces off against the gantry’s steel columns, transformed into structural light fixtures.

Photos: Naho Kubota

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