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Incre-rental housing proposal, Texas, 2014 [ + ]

How big is a family? What should define one? Who might want to be a resident and renter in Marfa, and what kind of architecture could best serve their desire to live and work in close proximity? How much space do they need? Provoked by these questions, our proposal for the Design Marfa Multi-Family Housing Competition is an approach that can expand and contract for many different kinds of lifestyle. This “incre-rental” strategy is created through in effect splitting an apartment into two parts that can function independently. With this split made by a patio that provides visual, acoustic, and psychological separation (as well as a great place to hang out), the two parts can be rented separately or together depending on the needs of a given household. All kitchen equipment is electrical, allowing easy removal to facilitate alternative uses.

Casey Mack’s essay on the proposal, “From Bi-nuclear to Incre-rental,” has been published in the “Social Poetics” issue of OASE.

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